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Pride in Professional Service What We Do

Medicalincs is a specialized global management consulting firm. We are a leading expert in the design and delivery of value-based, person-centered, community-based care management services and population health. We are experts in supporting healthcare leaders & providers to deliver equitable & sustainable solutions.

We pride ourselves on providing Integrated Solutions as a Service (ISaaS). In every tier of the healthcare industry, inconsistencies can exist that cause administrative burden, unnecessary costs, decreased morale, and a subpar outcome for population health. Relying on our extensive clinical, business, and technical expertise, we work closely with our clients and patients to deliver quality services.

Diverse & Bespoke Our Suite of Services

From providing value-based care to managing operations, discover how Medicalincs delivers tailored solutions for healthcare excellence.

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    Empowering payers and providers for integrated, cost-effective, person-centered care

    • Population Health Management
    • Regular & Safety-net clinic Primary Care transformation
    • Complex Care Management
    • Community Health & SDoH Support
    • Behavioral Health Integration Support
    • Data Analytics & IT Solution Support
    • Quality Improvement & Accreditation
    • Risk Adjustment Management
    • CMS Innovation Models Implementation
    • Health Equity Strategy Planning & Implementation
    • Employer-Sponsored Care Coordination Plan (ESP-C)

    Offering comprehensive and unified advisory and operations management methodology

    • Operations Maturity Assessment & Management
    • Capacity & Capability Building
    • Executive Coaching / Leadership Training
    • Staff Training & Workforce Development
    • Organizational Change Management
    • DEI Strategy Planning & Implementation
    • Revenue Cycle Management
    • Process Redesign & Workflow Optimization
    • Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

    Ensuring successful outcomes through project and contract management expertise

    • Program/Project Management & Lean Management
    • Project Strategy & PMO Implementation
    • Contract Management

Medicalincs: Overview

Reliable & Trusted Experience Who We Serve

From payers to providers to employers, we serve those dedicated to transforming healthcare with innovative solutions, empowering each step towards a healthier future for all.

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  • Private & Group Practices

  • Community Health Centers

  • Payers

  • Members & Patients

  • Employers

Why Medicalincs Integrated & Cost-Effective Approach

Learn why Medicalincs stands out in healthcare management consulting, offering expertise in delivering person-centered, community-based care.

  • 47% Improved Utilization

    > 45% reduction in ED visits > 49% reduction in hospitalizations

  • 96% Improved Outcomes

    92% Hypertension Control | 94% HbA1c Testing | 96% BMI Assessment | 90% Patient Satisfaction | 30% Increased Employee Productivity

  • 99.5% Project Performance

    1.2 Cost Performance Index 92% Team Productivity 99.5% deliverables approval

  • 3:1 ROI

    Guaranteed return on Investment; by employing a multifaceted, customized approach to solutions.

  • Workforce Development

    97% training attendance rate, 35% knowledge gain, 80% Knowledge application Readiness.

  • Always Ahead

    Always evolving in this complex, industry; and our experts work in harmony with leadership, clinical,& business.

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